Your Daily Learning Project

Tito · 02/04/2022

Mini Course Headline

Discover how to LEARN without being TRAINED.

This example of a course offers continuing education for subscribed, individual nonprofit professionals through daily bite-sized, interactive portions and delivered through the mobile messaging app.

Assuming a subscriber is engaged for just 15 minutes a day for 6 days, we use this hour and a half each week to cumulatively influence learning and growth.

Readings, videos, case studies, exercises, small group work, quick field projects, etc are used to challenge each subscriber towards a path of continuous learning.

Subject matter includes up-to date cause-based orientation and perspectives, the importance of civil society initiatives, the need for public participation, retail fundraising methodology, storytelling for change and donor trust and experience. Woven in is learning pertaining to various personal and team related skills and attitudes that are important to everyday fundraising practice.

Challenges will include interactions with a buddy, team leads, his/her primary team, the whole team and members of the public.

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