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The School of Fundraising is a startup under

Centre for Fundraising Pvt. Ltd.

Centre for Fundraising (CFF) is Asia’s leading management consulting firm providing end to end fundraising solutions to Non Profit organizations. CFF provides a complete set of fundraising support right from strategizing, planning, implementation, execution to evaluation.

CFF works with NGOs helping them deliver better results and augment their ROIs for fundraising. CFF also works with Indian companies and multinational corporations to help them pick up the right non- profit organization to award grants and execute their CSR initiatives.

Centre for Fundraising was established in 2013.


The School of Fundraising

We help organizations build up their people with the perspective, skills and confidence they need to deliver on their roles and mission. Our resources are also available to individuals hungry to further their own professional development within the sector.

Team & Leadership!

We are beginning to look around for partners who share our vision. If you find what we have set out to do interesting, please do reach out.


Kunal Verma

Kunal is an international expert on development & fundraising with a special interest in Asia and the Indian sub-continent. He is an avid believer in the power of training & development and his favourite phrase is “Nobody is born a fundraiser, but almost everybody can excel at fundraising through training and handholding”.

Kunal is passionate about fundraising. He is a much-sought trainer and speaker on Brand development, Fundraising, Resource Mobilization, Sustainability & CSR. He has trained over 700 NGOs across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. He is regular speaker and trainer at fundraising conferences/ workshops like IFC, IWRM, AFP, and China Charity.He is a serial fundraising entrepreneur having established Centre for Fundraising,, the leading Fundraising Consulting company for Non-profits in Asia and Donatio,,  a fundraising aggregator platform for small and medium NGOs.


Tito Chandy

He graduated with a Master’s degree in Life Sciences from the Madras Christian College. Further studies in Wildlife Management and Conservation followed, first with the Smithsonian and then a Masters-PhD in the United States, which he subsequently discontinued realizing that he wasn’t cut out for pure academia. On returning to India, he built and operated his Outdoor Education Company – DreamCatcher (1994-2016) which ran some of the earliest outdoor management development and experiential learning programs in India.

Between 2001-2004, he served as Director, Supporter Campaigns & Fundraising – building the foundations for financial self-sufficiency – for Greenpeace in India. He continue to consult in the nonprofit sector, developing and facilitating organisational development and fundraising workshops and solutions.


Collaboration is Important to us

The School is a consolidation of several years of Learning, Training & Organisational Development work across the nonprofit, corporate and educational sectors.


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